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Weve speculated here about who should/might play the lead role, and these folks have their own suggestions. John has been producing for a bit longer than You Tube has been around. Here is a model coming on Monday: John MI was curious to see if anyone complained about the violence in that Lonelygirl15 episode, so I did a search and came across an online LG15 discussion board. That episode alone had 13 Hey, can't argue with that logic.The only one I can get behind is Eliza Dushku, not only because I like her style, but because she has already established some action/tough girl/bondage cred. I didn't check, maybe that was Sean Connery who posted that one.But Im sure folks here can come up with some interesting candidates as well. Or the modern age reboot that's happening in WW comics currently. Kelley's married to Catwoman Michelle Pfeiffer; maybe she'll guest star as Hyppolyta (WW's mom). You guys (and gals also I guess) remember lonelygirl15 on youtube a few years back? Holy crap, it almost seems seems like PKF directed it. -------------- Wonder Woman casting: Hmmmm..did this place turn into Brian's Page?

I can also appreciate a well-done spotless scene, but much prefer that there will be blood. I just found out tonight that the man who made that film also made , which won the 2008 Ralphus Award for Best Mainstream Film of the Year. He's being interviewed in the film and they show a clip from his masterpiece "Jesus Christ Serial Rapist". Vince: OMG I hate those stupid horror film documentaries. A couple of female asses just don't cut it, you know? Hire actresses that don't have a problem getting naked. Ralphus - so K3 is an Andreas Bethmann film - he certainly produces some over the top stuff - I've been wanting to get a copy of Exitus II - looks like that may be good review material. Fritz - thanks for the tip on K3 - going to have to keep an eye out for that one - and loved the "Woman Called Horse" reference - you know, we have had that blood v no blood poll before but it doesn't hurt to bring it up again - gives new posters a chance to state their case and even old hands have their tastes change with the passage of time.Not much to add except Zebub is quoted in the review as saying I shoot it so perverts give me money." Sounds a lot like his comment earlier when he called his fans "retards". You know, I could have gone the whole rest of the year without reading the name "Bill Zebub" on this forum. It all sounds like pretty heady stuff, until you see one of his movies and realize that any clown with a video camera could pretty much capture his "vision." I once compared him to Ed Wood, but other GIMPers said I was being unfair -- to the memory of Ed Wood. Today's Pics: Wow, Chinese Torture Chamber Story II looks pretty cool.Can't believe I haven't seen this one or its predecessor.

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